Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), as developed by Dr Sue Johnson, is a collaborative, structured, usually short-term therapy approach.  It is used with couples, families and individuals to foster the creation of secure relationship bonds.

EFT is a change process that facilitates movement from distress to recovery. It transforms negative cycles of interaction into safe emotional connection between intimate partners and family members.

Based on the science of emotions and attachment theory, as well as humanistic and systemic theories, EFT has a high success rate in achieving secure, resilient relationships. It helps people to flexibly manage their emotional experience.

EFT makes couples’ counselling feel safe, so that both individuals begin to share their concerns and hopes for their relationship.

EFT helps couples understand and change the repetitive patterns in their relationship that are not working. They can develop a deeper understanding of each other’s emotions, wants, needs and behaviour which brings about reconnection in a deep and loving way. As an EFT trained therapist I guide the couple as they reconnect.

Clients wishing to learn more about EFT are invited to read ‘Hold Me Tight’ by Dr Sue Johnson. This book is very accessible to everyone and provides the principles of the EFT model.